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Spin Art

Updated: Nov 21, 2017

Wish you had a fresh new grouping of art but don't want to buy generic ones at the store? You can work with your kiddos (or on your own) to make these super simple acrylic spin art pieces. All you need is a salad spinner, watercolor paper and cheap acrylic paint. This is a project I do weekly at the Children's Hospital and the possibilities are endless! We've done greeting cards, bookmarks, & even recycled CD mobiles using salad spinners.

Step 1: place your watercolor paper in the salad spinner netting. Make sure the edges of your paper clip in to hold it secure inside while spinning. 

Step 2: Apply thin lines of acrylic paint however you choose to the paper. I  like to apply diagonal lines and circles. Dont be shy with your paint! Its all about experiemting. More paint will just give you a different style of design.

Step 3: Place the lid on the salad spinner and spin away! In just seconds you will have an incredible design waiting for you inside the kitchen contraption. Take your mini masterpiece out and let dry for 30+ minutes. REPEAT

Don't have a salad spinner and want to try this without purchasing all the materials yourself? I'd be happy to bring over my spinners and all the supplies to do a hands on class in the comfort of your home or my art studio. Get in touch! 

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