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Adult Art Party

Are you hosting a party for your favorite humans and want to do an activity that's a bit more memorable than Season 4 of House of Cards and a cheese tray? You can grab a couple (12) bottles of pinot, and I'll bring a project plus all the supplies, and together we’ll create a bit of artistic magic with your friends. 

Children's Birthday Party

Children’s birthday parties— A milestone. A miracle. A reminder to book more regular sessions with your analyst. Sick of pinatas, sheet cake & choking hazards disguised as party favors? Let me entertain the little rascals with an age-appropriate, easy-to-follow art tutorial of your choosing so that you and the other adults can focus on what really matters: capturing photos and being in the moment with those heavily frosted corners of sheet cake.

Child & Teen Private Instruction

Got a petit Picasso in the house? I can introduce your mini-me to all sorts of new mediums and techniques—whether they’re currently excelling in art class or not. You can decide if your child would benefit from focused one-on-one instruction or small group instruction with their buds. We’ll ditch the dreadful  ‘perfection’ aspect of school-art and bring creativity back to a place of play & practice. 

Adult Private Instruction

I will take you step by step through what supplies I suggest and do a crash course or long term learning plan where we will cover which ever aspect of of the arts you are interested in exploring. Lesson plans will be curated specific to your interests, goals and objectives. 

Family Collaboritive Art Workshop

Need some decor in your home that says ‘family’ without literally being a wall-decal that says ‘family’? I can help facilitate a family collaborative piece for your home that establishes a sense of pride and accomplishment in every member of the household. Pets included! 

Paint Your Travel Journal

Want to capture your magnificent travel sights with something other than an Apple product? I’ll help you generate a supply list specific to your destination and walk you through the basics of landscape and abstract composition. I’ll give you tips and tricks for traveling with supplies, incorporating your scenic surroundings so that when you encounter a view that takes your breath away, you’ll be able to put it on the page in no time.


You can totally be the person on the cobblestone bridge with an easel, artistic eye & a rustic baguette!

South Dakota Arts Council, Artist in Schools & Communities

I am touring South Dakota as a part of the South Dakota Arts Council's, Artist in Schools and Communities Program. To all my educator & non-profit friends, get in touch today about how to book me for a 2019/2020 artist residency! Or click the link below to apply. 

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All consultations are free! After your consultation I require a $100 creative fee to get started on your commission, workshop or private lessons. This fee covers time spent crafting an agenda specific to your goals & learning objectives, & any prep time. 


In addition to the creative fee $50/hour is billed after the event or private instruction session.

**All art material costs are covered by the client and stay with the client afterwards unless otherwise noted in your contract. (Projects can be as affordable as $3.00/per person*)

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