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Family workshop: Splatter Paint, an homage to Jackson Pollock

A client had me do a private workshop with her and her kiddos. We decided to create these customized canvas toddler shoes with her older kiddos for their little sis' birthday. This family has an ultra mod house, so a Jackson Pollock inspired lesson was created. While making our splatter paint shoes, we created some fun works of art for Mom & Dad to hang from the process! Below is a list of supplies for both the shoes & the artwork. Carve time out for art and make a mess with your kids. Dont have the time? Get in touch for a private workshop!

Black & White Modern Art DIY

Watercolor paper

Black Acrylic Paint

White Acrylic Paint

Variety of brushes

Container for water

Paper towels

Drop cloth (substitue newspaper, cardboard, old sheets etc)

Rubber gloves (optional)

*I recommend doing the splatter part of this project in your garage or outdoors because of overspray.

Splatter Paint Shoes Supply List:

Raw canvas shoes (Ours were from Hobby Lobby but you can purchase inexpensive ones of any kind at Walmart, Payless, Target, Amazon etc. you can do white or canvas sneakers and boots too!)

White Gesso

White acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

Sponge brushes

Container for water (recycled glass jars work great)

paper towels

Drop cloth (substitute recycled newspaper, cardboard, old sheet etc)

Spray Varnish

Rubber gloves (optional)

*I recommend doing the splatter & varnish part of this project in your garage or outdoors because of overs


Photos of inspiration during class lesson:

-Jackson Pollock

-Abstract Expressionism

-Artful Interior Spaces

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