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Courageous Creative, A Studio planner for artists

It's here, it's here! My studio planner for artists created by the founders of Courageous Creative, Kaylan Buteyn and Meredith C. Bullock arrived last week! I have been so inspired by these two artist's work and when I found out they were collaborating on a limited edition studio planner for artists, I jumped on it. Ive always had an issue with department/drug store store bought planners. There is never enough room to write what happens in one day, there aren't enough spaces for legitimate note taking and there are definitely no drawing sections. Lists are typically untitled and generic that make for jumbled, incoherent thoughts. With THIS planner, each and every page has a purpose. Colorful original artworks masterfully splash the pages and artist's quotes provoke inspiration on even the most uninspirational day. There are supply lists, vision boards, short term and long term goal breakdowns, focus sections, word banks, artist statement development, collection ideas, gallery views, resources, collaboration, residency and retreat scheduling and SO MUCH MORE. All of this helps you to become a more effective and productive artist for yourself and your clients.

From Kaylan & Meredith, "Our intention for this planner is to help you dream big, harness your ideas and goals, create a plan of action, dedicate more time and intention to your art, build a framework of language around your work and plan out art ideas and collections all in one place."

For all my artist friends, you NEED this. Head over to to learn more about the artists and get your hands on a studio planner for yourself while supplies last!

**This is not an ad. I purchased this planner because of my genuine belief that it's a quality product I recommend to anyone wanting to live a more intentional and inspired studio life.

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